Dec. 12th, 2009 01:56 pm
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New layout! XDD now to make new icons ^^
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The night before last I had a very realistic dream about Carlisle. I am not going into detail but yeah.

Last night I had a similar dream about Barry although it took place in my hotel nightmare about the bad guy that turns into a cat and held everyone hostage...well he had a bunch of guys with guns everywhere so it was hard to get away even though there were a fair number of people not being held hostage...there was a lot that wasn't. His men were everywhere though. Somehow I made it back upstairs near my mother and I's room and that's when I ran into Barry in the hallway...and yeah same thing...but more intense and wrong...if you catch my drift...I think this was my brain's way of telling me I have a thing for him...but anyway, maybe I should not watch GHI anymore haha...although I sort of have to seeing TAPS is no longer on...and Dustin and Barry are a lot like Steve and Tango ^^, so this looks like another addiction >< but it's fun nonetheless XDDD.
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Very bored...do not know what to change my layout to...may be stuck with Carlisle for a while....massive brain fart...><

Must think...cannot find enough Jason Lee pics...don't really feel like doing a Rick Mercer one also pics are also scarce >
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pissed off right now,, can't figure out how to paste the images altogether in PSP 7 ><...that is the only thing holding me back ><... figure...and I am exhausted from the last 2 weeks of school and not getting enough sleep...but it doesn't help when you've looked and can't find ANY tutotials WHATSOEVER >
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I have a new layout now XDD I hope that it is supposed to look the way it does :P I like it very much! The only thing that needs to be changed is my header! XDDDD
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I have a new layout! ^^ It's a little too orange for my liking although if I find another one I like more, we will have to see...:P


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